MapHemco’s mining concession, located in the municipality of Bonanza in the RAAN, consists of 12,528.35 hectares, of which 115.50 are for exploration and 12,412.85 for exploitation. Since we began operation in March 1995, our mining activity has been concentrated only in approximately 20 hectares while another 130 hectares have been reforested. The reforested areas offset those affected by the mining activity.

We have 532 direct workers in mining, who process 700 tons of the auriferous material per day.

The average grade for the ore is 5.4 grammes per ton. In 2009 we processed 37,304 troy ounces from underground and open pit mines, as well as mineral supplied by the small miners.

With an annual production of 37,304 troy ounces of gold we are now the 12th largest exporting company in Nicaragua.

Infrastructure and process

ExtractionTo recover gold and silver we have a system that produces various changes in the mineral as it passes through the different stages of the process, among them:

  • 3 stages of crushing and 3 stages of grinding to reduce the ore to ever smaller sizes, crushing and grinding successively until freeing the enclosed gold and silver particles.
  • Direct application of cyanide solution in 7 agitator tanks is used as a recovery method. In this stage the reagents dissolve the gold and silver. The gold is later recovered through the Merril Crowe system (precipitation with powdered zinc) and is sent for separation to 6 filter presses. The solid product or precipitate is then diffused to obtain the metal Dore, which contains gold (25%), silver (45%) and impurities (30%).
  • A washing stage against the current in two parallel batteries of 4 thickener tanks ensures maximum recovery of precious metals. The last tanks discharge a waste low in valuable metals and low concentrations of chemical substances into a pond for industrial residues. The solutions are then reused in the ore reduction process making it a closed circuit.

Industrial safety and buy viagra online uk training

EquipmentThe safety programs, which involve both management and workers, have reduced accidents by a considerable 82% since 2000. The 68 cases recorded in 2000 dropped to 10 in 2008. These programs include:

  • 10-minute talks on safety given by base-level workers, supervisors, chiefs and superintendents. Each month 580 talks are held.
  • Formation of a brigade made up of a team of geological engineers, miners and natural resource experts prepared to act in response to any event.
  • Functioning of 13 safety committees in the company.
  • Implementation of a Comprehensive Safety, Health and Hygiene Council.
  • Creation of a mixed safety commission, made up of the Hemco administration and the unions.
  • Existence of 25 safety delegates among the base-level workers.
  • A 5 S Commission (program with 5 Japanese principles to maintain order and cleanliness in the areas).
  • Promotion of occupational health and female viagra safety programs.
  • Functioning of various fire, rescue and first aid brigades.


We are expanding our exploration activity with 23 concessions that total 277,990 hectares in 4 municipalities of the RAAN: Bonanza, Rosita, Siuna and Waspam.